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The main novels

Initially I intended to only list US releases of the physical novels, but the recently released e-books have great covers, so I decided to cover those as well. International releases also frequently get new cover designs, but that's more research than I care to do. If that's what you're seeking, a quick google should fill in those gaps. Additional material here into which I won't delve deeply are audio books and retail versions of the prologues.

1> The Eye of the World - 1990
2> The Great Hunt - 1990
3> The Dragon Reborn - 1991
4> The Shadow Rising - 1992
5> The Fires of Heaven - 1993
6> Lord of Chaos - 1994
7> A Crown of Swords - 1996
8> The Path of Daggers - 1998
9> Winter's Heart - 2000
10> Crossroads of Twilight - 2003
11> Knife of Dreams - 2005
12> The Gathering Storm - 2009
13> Towers of Midnight - 2010
14> A Memory of Light - 2013

eBook covers

Please note that I've included New Sring in the list below but excluded it from the list above.


Other Wheel of Time literature

The Strike at Shayol Ghul - 1996. This is a short story Jordan wrote specifically for the net. It's about Lews Therin and the Hundred Companions resealing of the Dark One's bore. In the forward to the story, Jordan explains that a version of this story was to be included in the guidebook, but I think this story is unique enough in itself that it warrants its own read. You can read it here.

New Spring - 1998. This is a short story that takes place before the events in the novels. The story is about how Moiraine and Lan first meet, and a clash with the Black Ajah. It was released as part of an anthology of short stories by various fantasy authors. The compilation is called Legends, and it's edited by Robert Silverburg. Later, the stories were separated into three paperback volumes. A nice bonus is that the inside artwork is a scene from the story, and keeping with the US novels, it's artwork done by Darrell Sweet. An expanded, stand alone, mini-novel version of this story, still entitled New Spring, came out January 6, 2004.

New Spring - The Novel - 2004. See above. This is an expansion of the New Spring short story. Jordan adds a bunch of new material at the beginning of it, mostly about Moiraine as she is an Accepted in the White Tower. After the new material, the end is essentially exactly the same, except for the removal of a couple of sentences which referenced Tam.

River of Souls - 2013. A collection of short stories by different authors is being compiled for release to help shawn Speakman, himself an author, deal with medical bills. The collection is called "Unfettered", and it can be ordered here. The Wheel of Time related story, "River of Souls", is content that was initally ddesigned to be part of A Memory of Light, but was ultimately cut. Per Brandon Sanderson's blog, he states that it will cover a complete mini-arc of a character we already know, and that it was ultimately left cut due to it introducing some new concepts that seemed out of place in the flow of the final book.

The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time - 1997. This is a coffee table book. It's generally referred to as "The Guide" and it's co-authored by Jordan and a Teresa Patterson. She has done at least one other guidebook very similar to this for Terry Brooks' Shannara series. It contains a lot of background information on the world, its history, and some of the characters. As far as I know, it's the only official source where you can see maps of the other main continents of the world, as well as Shara. It also has many character, creature, artifact, flag, setting, and scene illustrations. There's some great information in this book and I recommend you pick it up to deepen your understanding of the world of The Wheel of Time. It's been released in a softcover as well.

New Spring - the comic book - 2005. This is an eight-part (nine if you count the preview issue) comic book adaptation of New Spring. It was made by The Dabel Brothers, and published by Red Eagle Entertainment. There was a major legal dispute of some sort which left the series incomplete for several years. In 2010, production resumed and Dabel released a couple more issues - and then ownership and/or publishing rights switched hands, and the final issue was released by Dynamite Comics

New Spring - The Graphic Novel - 2011. This is a consolidation of all the New Spring comics into one volume. It also contains a glossary and some correspondance between Jordan and the artists. It also contains a complete alphabet of the old-tongue characters, which, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't been released anywhere else, yet.

The Eye of the World - the comic book - 2009. Dabel Brothers also procured the rights to do a comic adaptation of the entire Wheel of Time series, beginning with the first book. It has had its own setbacks, mirroring those of New Spring, and it too has changed hands to Dynamite. As of this update (January 2013), 32 issues have made it store shelves, with more in the pipeline displayed on Dynamite's site. From the covers shown there, it appears that the entirety of The Eye of the World will wrap up at issue 35. I don't know if they intend to move into The Great Hunt or not, at this point. The pictures shown here are those I collected for a much earlier update; I'm not attempting to catalog every individual cover. But for good measure, I did include some group artwork of the Forsaken, and another duo pic of Lews/Rand with the Forsaken, which were released a while back, because they're just cool.

The Eye of the World - The Graphic Novel - 2011. Collections of The Eye of the World comics. To date, two have been released with a third pending. I'm unaware if it's clear at this point how many volumes it will take to cover the entire series.

The Wheel of Time - 1994. This was a promotional book released as an attempt to get people to get into the series. It was apparently given out for free, but since then it's become sort of a collectors item and might sell for a few bucks. It contains the first 18 chapters of Eye of the World. I managed to find one for cheap at a used book store. On the back, it has a blank space with "courtesy of:" in it, so the bookstore can put their stamp on it. It has more recently been reissued with a cover price of 99 cents.

From the Two Rivers and To the Blight - 2002. This is a repackaging of The Eye of the World. It was split into two parts in an attempt to appeal to a younger market. As a bonus to appeal to readers who already own Eye, a new prologue chapter, titled "Ravens", is included featuring the main characters at a much younger age, an expanded glossary, and illustrations. Many of the pictures were directly from the RPG book, but there were a few completely original pictures as well.

The Hunt Begins and New Threads in the Pattern - 2003/2004. This is the same repackaging idea as From the Two Rivers and To the Blight, only, of book two in the series, The Great Hunt. I haven't sat down to read this and do a comparison, but it appears to have no new reading material in it. It does however have new illustrations inserted throughout in addition to the new cover art.

The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game - This isn't literature quite like the other books are, but I feel it's worth reading. There are actually four separate components associated with the WoT RPG. The first is the full rulebook for the game. It's got all sorts of information about how to build a character, how the game flow works, etc. The second is an expansion book. It's called Prophecies of the Dragon. It's got some extra game information, but the bulk of the book is a full campaign. The third is labeled a 'web-enhancement' for the game. Wizards of the Coast does not support the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game any more, but I've backed up the Web Enhancement pdf, and it's available here. It has some extra information, and some artwork that wasn't used in the book. Lastly, is the 2001 issue of the Dragon Annual. The Dragon Annual is some sort of magazine about Dungeons and Dragons. This particular issue features even more original artwork by Darrell Sweet, showing Perrin and his wolves in particular. As far as game content goes, it's got some character templates, and some new information about the beasts of the WoT. Part of it is written by Jordan himself. A fresh character sheet can be found here. You'll need the Adobe Reader to open either of those files. Also, there's an official WoTRPG screensaver. Tripod won't let it download, so if you'd like it, shoot me an email.

Official artwork

The Dabel Brothers are supposed to be doing a series of limited edition prints from selected scenes from the main track of the Wheel of Time story. So far, they've got just this one called Mat vs. Couladin. They're pricey, and don't expect these to be released as basic posters... ever. Check this link for more information.
Also, Mike Miller, one of the lead guys on the comic book project went out and did an artwork project on his own. It's a print called Sing of Manetheren. The original link to purchase the work doesn't work any more, but googling may lead you to an alternate retailer or private seller.
A guy by the name of Seamas Gallagher has done fantastic Wheel of Time fan art for a while now. It was good enough that I think he was picked by Dabel/Red Eagle/Dynamite to do some of the alternate covers for the comic books. Well he has since been given "official" status, and his character paintings are now official Wheel of Time art. They're fantastic, and you can check out the store site here. His blog, where he displays character art for just about every major character in the series, is here.. To the right are just a couple of his works. I don't want to steal his thunder. You should check him out.

Wheel of Time Wallpapers

Tor used to have a page where they would offer new artwork wallpapers every week. The first two were from the Wheel of time. I think this process didn't last for very long. But if I've missed any and you have them, please email me!

Forsaken Wallpapers

These were made by the Dabel Brothers and released through Dragonmount for the "13 Days of Christmas" in 2005. Each one shows the Forsaken's appearance as it occurs in the story, and in the background, an image of how they appeared in the Age of Legends.

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eBook wallpapers

Tor has been releasing these periodically leading up to the release of the final book. You can download them here.(scroll way down)

The Wheel of Time Card Game

There have been two attempts to make a WoT card game. The first was by Mayfair. They only got so far as releasing some promotional cards. It was designed to be an add-on for their already existing card game called Fantasy Adventures, but in the end, it never came out.

The, second, and successful attempt at a WoT card game, was done by Precedence. The initial release consisted of 300 cards, but two expansions, and some other promotional and special cards expanded it even further. More expansions were planned, but they never came.

A second edition of the card game was planned, mostly featuring cards from the original press, but some new ones as well. It was supposed to have some silkscreened dice, instead of stickered, like in the original release. The second edition never came out, but the silkscreened dice were produced. www.scificards.com donated a set to me. Thanks much!

The Wheel of Time Computer Game

This game came out in 1999. It's based on the Unreal engine, and it's pretty fun to play. (Not as fun as Unreal though.) The story is of one Elayna Sedai, the Keeper of the Chronicles of the Aes Sedai, in a time during the Trolloc Wars, I believe. She can't channel more than a trickle, but, as a member of the Brown Ajah, she commands a great knowledge of Ter'Angreal and how to use them in battle. The story follows her plight against Ishamael and also against Mordeth in a scramble for four of the stone seals. Apparently, with four of them, one has the power to completely open the bore to the Dark One's prison, or conversely, remove said power from them permanently. Mordeth is in it for his own reasons which are never really made clear. The game really shines in multiplayer. The learning curve is very steep, but one will discover the reason for that is because there's a ton of strategy involved. There are many ways to fight offensively or to counter that offense. For a while, in every single game, I'd have some new trick done to me that would completely amaze me. My favorite was a time when I had a guy completely outgunned on top of a tower. He realized he couldn't win, so he ran to jump off. On the way off, he turned around and shot me with a swap-places Ter'Angreal. The next thing I knew, I was the one falling to my death.

The game also comes with a poster. One side shows all the Ter'Angreal. The other side shows some woman (presumably Elayna, but it looks nothing like her) holding a long, straight, horn (presumably some Ter'Angreal, but no such Ter'Angreal described thus far looks like that).

For people who pre-ordered the game (like me, I'm such a dork), a shirt was included. It's a long sleeve tshirt. The front just says "The Wheel of Time" where a pocket would be. The back says "The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory".

Sold separately is a guidebook for the game.

The Wheel of Time MUD

This game has been around since 1993. You can play it at www.wotmud.org. It's a text-based online multiplayer RPG. If I understand correctly, when it first was written, it was not an official product, but since then, Mr. Jordan has personally given them permission and authority to act as the one and only official Wheel of Time MUD. There are others, but they lack that authenticity.

A Soundtrack for The Wheel of Time

This came out not too long after the computer game. Most of the cd is music directly from the game, but there are a few new tracks as well. It's allright, but not spectacular. True to form, it contains artwork by Darrell Sweet.

Wheel of Time 2001 Calendar

I preordered this in April of 2000. It features cover art from the first nine books, a couple of maps, and the interior art from New Spring. A really nice bonus that came with it is a poster sized map.

Wheel of Time 2009 Calendar

This was released in mid 2008. It contains fan-art inspired by The Wheel of Time. Mr. Jordan selected the artwork himself shortly before he died, and some of the proceeds of the sales went to amyloidosis research at the Mayo Clinic, according to Dragonmount. You can still purchase the calendar last I checked from Amazon.com. At some point I hope to take some pics or scans of the art, but I'm too lazy to do it right now.

Wheel of Time weapon replicas

As far as I know, Museum Replicas was the original distributor of all of these items, but later on I was finding other net retailers selling the Heron Mark Sword. In the collection photo, the spear on the left is NOT an Aiel spear. The photo came from Mr. Jason Denzel who operates www.dragonmount.com.
Heron Mark Sword - I believe this was the first weapon offered. It's not quite 100% accurate according to how Jordan describes it in the books, but it's fairly close. He has authorized it, after all. You can purchase this from Museum Replicas
Shienaran Sword - Bottom-most pic. (thanks to MR, the guy who found the pic for me!)
Seanchan Sword - The third weapon from the left.
Saldean Horseman's Sword - Fourth weapon from the left.
Padan Fain's Dagger - fifth from left.
Perrin's Axe - Far right.
Rand's Belt Buckle - Aviendha's design.
Asha'man pins - Not made by Museum Reps anymore, but still available through Badali Jewelry.
Aes Sedai Rings - Authentic Aes Sedai rings, except they're silver and not gold. Badali makes them now, though the mold seems different.


Wheel of Time Jewelry

Badali Jewelry makes this line of jewelry. In addition to their own designs, it seems they've also borrowed some of the jewelry molds that Museum Replicas used. These are just a few of different designs they made. Take a look at the link to see their full inventory.
Great Serpent Ring - This is very similar to the Museum Replicas version above, but not quite the same.
Ajah Pendants - These come in the colors of all seven Ajahs, and also in black.
Dragon's Fang Pendant - This would be identical to the Black Ajah pendant, except it's facing the other way.
Aes Sedai Pendant - I'm almost certain this isn't jewelry that is used by characters in the books, just WoT stuff to wear. It shows the ancient Aes Sedai logo framed by the Great Serpent.
Mat's Foxhead Medallion - I'm pretty certain that this is not how Jordan describes the medallion in the story, but it is accurate in that it has a tiny version of the Aes Sedai logo in the fox's eye.
Dream Ter'Angreal - The twisted stone Ter'Angreal that the women used to enter Tel'aran'rhiod. I personally don't care for this design. It appears to be much smaller than it's described in the books.
Horn of Valere pendant - The style here is similar to that shown on the cover of The Great Hunt.
Heron-Mark Sword pendant - This seems to be the same item as the pin, only on a pendant.
Dragon pendant - Same deal.

Wheel of Time T-Shirts

These are produced by Ta'veren Tees. According to their site, they wrote to Mrs. McDougal (Jordan's widow) with the business idea, and she signed off on it, giving it official status. I haven't ordered mine, yet.

Wheel of Time costumes

I came across these recently while re-visiting Museum Replicas' site. I have no idea how long they've been out. So far, there's a replica of one of Rand's coats, an Asha'man coat, and an Aiel outfit. You can view/buy them here.

Wheel of Time playing cards

These are a non-clothing item produced by Ta'veren Tees. They're kind of pricey, but there's a charity angle involved, as some of the proceeds are going to the Mayo Clinic for Amyloidosis research, the disease which Jordan had. Mine are ordered and should be in the mail very soon, if they're not sitting in my mailbox as I type this.

Upcoming Merchandise

The Wheel of Time Encyclopedia - This should be an expanded version of the guide book. Nothing else is really known about it, except that it's expected to to be released in 2014. It does seem to be actively in the works though, as The Waygate Foundation, a non-profit organization, makes a reference to being able to give a sneak peek of it to contributors.

Unconfirmed merchandise

One thing that I heard used to exist, but I've never personally seen myself. If you have any information about it, please let me know! email me
Aes Sedai Cloak - I picked up a clue about this on a forum or something quite some time ago.

Limbo Merchandise

These things we may or may not yet see.

A Wheel of Time film/serial/show - I think somewhere on the planet, at all times, there is some person or group who has purchsed the rights to turn The Wheel of Time into a film or tv mini-series. But as of yet, it's never been produced.
Animation - When Red Eagle had a website, they had a section of their page reserved for info about an animation adapation. There was never any information placed there, just a "coming soon" place holder.
Other prequel novels - There's a very high chance these will never see the light of day. Jordan planned to write two other prequel novels, in addition to New Spring. One was the story about Tam finding Rand on Dragonmount, and the other was a story leading up to Lan and Moiraine's first appearance in The Two Rivers. He's said there was a very good explanation for why they arrived right in the nick of time. With his passing, these stories are unlikely.
"Outrigger Novels" - Jordan had also stated that he had an idea of a side-story. Initially, it seemed that it would be concurrent with the events of the main series, but since, I've picked up gossip that it would be been set after the events of the main series. Based upon some events realized in Towers of Midnight, that doesn't sound too unreasonable. If we ever get the books remains to be seen.
More video games - rights have been purchased for more video games, but no real news of their production. Time will tell.

Cancelled merchandise

Here are a few products that were going to come out, but didn't.

Wheel of Time action figures - These never really even got off the ground, but a toy company at one point had the rights to do toys, but they never exercised those rights.
Mat's Ashandarei - This was slated to be a Museum Replicas weapon, but it never got past the planning stages. Too bad too, It would have nicely rounded out the trio of hero's weapons.
Wheel of Time Plush Trolloc - These were almost ready to launch, but then canned. I confirmed this from Toyvault

Some great Wheel of Time links you should check out

Tor's official site
Dragonmount - This site is probably recognized most by Jordan
Tarvalon - Another online community, check it out
Mahasamatman's site - A very cool WoT CCG site

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